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בהט סטייל

Want to pamper?
The ultimate gift is right here!

Who is it for?
Dear wife, teacher, kindergarten teacher, aide, caregiver,
Basically every one who deserves it?!

Maybe actually for yourself.

It's our time to say thank you!

Online styling vouchers
Gift voucher for wardrobe consultation
Gift voucher for shopping with a stylist.
Workshops and styling lectures can be booked

קיבוץ אור הנר


Bahat Style

The gift card can be transferred as a gift after purchase ❤️


Bahat Style


Keep Israel Open does not take any profit from any transaction. Every dollar you spend goes straight to the people who really need it.

My name is Bahat, an entrepreneurial image consultant and lecturer. In my work I combine tools from the world of marketing and business communication, both personal and visual. I help people and organizations achieve their goals and women look and feel great using the winning wardrobe just for her.
I believe that in a world full of stimuli in personal and business life, every interaction we have is a presentation and each one may be the opportunity of our lives and it is important that we know how to open it correctly.

Over two decades have passed since studying styling and textiles somewhere in the early 2000s in Barcelona at an international school located in the coolest area of the city. I did my internship for about 3 years in the stunning city that gives a lot of flight to creativity.

I specialized in productions and fashion shows, magazines, advertisements and shop window design.
I gained confidence and appetite and then moved to Los Angeles, the City of Lights, where I chose to put my sales and marketing knowledge into it. I stepped up a gear and ran boutiques in Beverly Hills. I made purchases, designed and positioned the stores.
Having dressed thousands of women anywhere in the world in a variety of shades, colors, body structures and met hundreds at trainings, lectures and workshops.

I realized that there is one thing that I love, and my passion for it only grows, and that is:

To let the woman in front of me look and feel great using the winning wardrobe just for her.

My Story

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