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ויוי וגנר הכנה ללידה פעילה

An individual active birth preparation course combines emotional and physical preparation for a healthier and faster birth.
Childbirth-oriented movement sessions
Postpartum Body Rehabilitation Sessions
B.O.T Traumatic Birth Processing Sessions
A lecture on preserving and improving pelvic floor function.

מבצע יונתן 6


Vivi Wagner Preparation for Active Birth

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Sport & Health

Vivi Wagner Preparation for Active Birth


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I am a physical education teacher and an expert in physical activity for pregnant women and postpartum, working in the field of pregnancy and childbirth for over 30 years, conducting trainings in the field, and working with women individually and in group workshops.
I believe in the body's natural ability to give birth and know that in this era, when we spend most of our time sitting, we simply need to remind it, and that is what I do. This includes preparing for childbirth by providing knowledge and deep insights about the tools it entails, as well as in movement classes with practical movement tools that promote birth, expand space for the baby in the womb so that it can arrive in its optimal birthing position for a better and faster birth.
I believe that childbirth is a defining moment in a woman's life and as such, the experience is meant to be empowering and positive. When this indeed happens, it directly reflects in her functioning as a woman and a mother, so it's important to approach this special moment directed and prepared.
My business is local, working with young mothers from Sderot and the Gaza envelope, the studio where I conduct the activities is located in Kibbutz Or Haner, and the private sessions I hold in my home office in Sderot.
Today, I can offer meetings via Zoom in all areas, including a lecture on pelvic floor for all women.

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