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מזקקה אולגר Olgar Distillery

We are a family-owned kosher boutique distillery named "OLGAR DISTILLERY", situated in the far north of the country. It's a pleasure to meet you! At present, our distillery primarily crafts spirits and liqueurs from seasonal fruit distillates (16%-55%), utilizing natural distillation processes with local fruits like kiwi, mango, guava, pomegranates, cherries, and more. Despite being relatively new to the liquor industry, we've already garnered excellence awards and positive feedback from bar and restaurant owners, exhibition organizers, and others.

קיבוץ מלכיה


Olgar Distillery Olgar Distillery

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Olgar Distillery Olgar Distillery


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At Olgar Distillery, located in the vibrant northern Galilee, we specialize in crafting seasonal fruit spirits. Amidst the fruit season, the time when our unique products come to life, we find ourselves stepping in to assist local farmers with the harvest due to a labor shortage. Our distillery thrives on these fresh fruits, which are essential for creating our delightful beverages. Despite the ongoing challenges, we remain hopeful and committed, although if the situation continues, it could impact our ability to share our drinks with you this year.

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