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מטאור תצפיות כוכבים

You can purchase the after-:) experiences
Everything we offer on our site
First and foremost - fascinating and experiential star observations of the celestial bodies and with the help of large and professional telescopes.
Night Lantern & Scorpion Tours
Gathering tours with a forest educator who is also a clinical herbalist
Wine & Culinary Tours with the Beard & Wine Team

And much more!
And all with professional, excellent instructors with a sense of humor!

מושב שעל, רמת הגולן


Meteor Star Observations

The gift card can be transferred as a gift after purchase ❤️


Meteor Star Observations


Keep Israel Open does not take any profit from any transaction. Every dollar you spend goes straight to the people who really need it.

Meteor is a training center with a broad team and a beating heart in the Golan Heights and the Hula Valley.
The leisure industry has been severely damaged in every crisis, and so it is in the current crisis. In our region, it is not possible to conduct training activities since the outbreak of the war. Guides, suppliers, food providers, and hospitality sites, and also the vacationers themselves. We all suffered.
We think about the day after, and for what we are fighting. About the spring blooms, about the stars that will shine here also tomorrow, and about the peace of our loved ones.

We deal with experiences and inspiration. By purchasing the gift card, you are actually supporting our team of guides and our suppliers and also establishing a fact in life. After everything ends - we return to sparkling experiences

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