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מרפאות דר רון אמיר

Our Treatments
Hyaluronic Acid
Facial sculpting: filling and shaping lips (using the bow method and unique methods), jawline, eye sockets, cheekbones, nose sculpting, nasolbial and more...
Skin Masters is a new way to hydrate the skin, especially into its deepest layers. This means increasing the level of moisture within the skin over time, giving the facial skin a young, fresh and natural look.
Skin Booster
Botulinium toxin treatment for:
Galbila (between eyebrows), sides of eyes, forehead, barcodes (fine lines above upper lip), gummy smile (increased gum exposure)
PRP treatments to prevent alopecia and hair loss.

PRP treatment is a natural treatment during which platelet-rich plasma is injected into the patient's scalp and extracted from a blood sample.

The treatment encourages stimulation of hair regrowth, healing of tissues and hair follicles that have dried up over the years, awakening of blood vessels and improvement of blood circulation in the scalp, improvement of strength and quality of existing hair.

The treatment is also very suitable for hair transplant recipients.

משק 77 מושב תקומה


Dr. Ron Amir Clinics

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Dr. Ron Amir Clinics


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Advanced Aesthetic Medicine - Achieve precise results with our unique methods from Israel and across the globe, ensuring natural-looking outcomes without the need for surgery.

Dr. Ron's Clinics
Primary Clinic - Moshav Takuma (near Netivot)

For a complimentary consultation, please call 0544920787.

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