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משחקי המאה

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The Century Games has a selection of original educational card games in the fields of arithmetic, geometry and Hebrew-English, developed by Dr. Shlomo Mizrahi:
- The "Games of the Century" kit, in which you can play 7 games of varying degrees of difficulty, for the whole family from the age of 4 to improve mathematical thinking.
-Cento Mamo - A numbers memory game with a twist in fancy wooden game stones!
- Cento Multi - The hems game that drove "Sharks" crazy in a special edition
- "Square Market" and "Triple Body" - excellent challenging quartet games for experiential study of the properties of all shapes in geometry (from age 8)
- Hundred Words games for beginners / advanced to get to know the letters and expand the vocabulary in Hebrew and English (from age 5) - each kit has 6 game options in different degrees.
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Games of the Century

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Games of the Century


Keep Israel Open does not take any profit from any transaction. Every dollar you spend goes straight to the people who really need it.

The games are social and very suitable for getting the children (and adults) off screens, and at the same time, they help with experiential learning across a variety of areas, starting from literacy and numeracy to the recommended game of Chento Mamo for learning multiplication tables, which was presented on "Sharks" last year.

The games are social and very suitable for removing children (and adults) from the screens and at the same time help experiential learning of a variety of areas, from knowing the digits and numbers to Chento Memo's recommended game for learning the multiplication table presented in "Sharks" last year.

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