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פיאצה דל סול

Looking for a unique vacation experience with a variety of accommodations, including suites and bed & breakfasts? Or perhaps a luxurious, uniquely designed caravan? Michal and Haim have got you covered! They offer three luxury accommodation suites for your stay.

כינור דוד 329 חד נס


Piazza del Sol

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Piazza del Sol


Keep Israel Open does not take any profit from any transaction. Every dollar you spend goes straight to the people who really need it.


כינור דוד 329 חד נס

In 2005, we journeyed north from our original settlement in the country's heartland. For three years, we resided in Ein Zivan while constructing our complex, which includes a house and two bed and breakfast suites: the Provencal Zimmer and the Asian Zimmer. Throughout the construction, we traveled extensively to acquire unique accessories for the suites. In 2008, we proudly opened our bungalows.

Over time, we felt the need for another bed and breakfast. During a 2014 vacation in Tuscany, we decided to build a new B&B, the Tuscan one, complete with a private pool and views of the Jordanian mountains, designed to reflect the Tuscan tradition.

In 2016, we added a well-equipped, luxurious caravan to our offerings. This caravan, perfect for nature vacations, can be placed at your chosen location: an observatory with a view, the banks of the flowing Jordan, a tree-filled park with amenities, or the stunning beaches of the Sea of Galilee.

We, Michal and Haim, a couple of artists, have meticulously designed three suites/bed and breakfasts and a caravan for your comfort. You can choose from the Provencal, Asian, Tuscan suites/bungalows, or the caravan.

Upon entering any of our accommodations, you'll know you've made the right choice for a truly relaxing vacation at the "Piazza del Sol". Our three luxurious suites/bungalows and caravan are designed and equipped to the highest standard, perfect for those with discerning tastes.

As an artist and sculptor, Michal, along with Haim, who specializes in wood design, we've focused on providing exceptional hospitality. Our handmade delicacies are sure to delight your palate. The floral-scented white linens, combined with the magical corners inside and outside the suites and caravan, create a tranquil atmosphere. Come and enjoy...

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