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רוני גרסיה- צורפות  תכשיטים

Creates unique jewelry, made of silver and gemstones.

קיבוץ גברעם


Roni Garcia – Jewelry Jewelry

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Roni Garcia – Jewelry Jewelry


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My name is Roni Garcia, a member of Kibbutz Gevaram.

Ever since I can remember, I've always been engaged in creation. I created from anything that came to hand: industrial materials, recyclables, the materials that were around me, and primarily - natural materials. At a very young age, I received a very significant gift from my parents: tools for making jewelry! I collected various seeds, shaped, drilled, and with alpaca threads, I created jewelry.
I studied art and craft at Oranim Seminar, then continued my studies in Paris, France, at the School of Goldsmiths.
Upon returning to my country, I accompany craft workshops and manage a handmade jewelry store, while continuing to learn and specialize.

The jewelry I create is influenced by various ethnic styles, French art museums, and the unique nature of the country. All these turn each of my creations into a small and unique piece of art that can be yours :)

And now that we're acquainted, go choose your next love.
Always available for questions or special requests. You can also visit me in Gevaram by prior arrangement.

My Story

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