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HE-Art (הדס אמנות)

Designed notebooks and paper products

קיבוץ סעד



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Keep Israel Open does not take any profit from any transaction. Every dollar you spend goes straight to the people who really need it.

This business idea grew after quite a few deliberations and attempts, out of adjustment difficulties and post-traumatic stress disorder that led to difficulties in finding myself in the world of employment, along with artistic talent and love for painting. I asked myself whether the right way for me was to choose to be independent. The days passed, and this work was forming between my fingers and the first collection was sent for printing in two different printing houses near the Gaza Strip and I paid for it with the best of my money and was sure that I was fulfilling a dream. There aren't many exciting things in the world like sending a product that you yourself created from scratch. You could say that I started this business about two years ago, but in the first year it didn't grow and didn't allow me to make a living from it as I expected. As time went on, the excitement was replaced by frustration. I felt that the marketing posts I write were no longer authentic, I paid money to exhibit at fairs and came back at a loss because there were simply no sales. I approached people from different fields and offered collaborations and received mostly insulting disregard. I spent countless hours crying on the verge of despair from this business. It existed, with one collection, but it had been bogged down for a while and I considered closing it.At the same time I continued to work on new designs, and the illustration and design work continued to excite and delight me every time, and when you looked at the second design that I had been working on for a long time and invested energy in, it was hard for me to give it up. So I started a Headstart campaign to test its feasibility, and it worked! Sixty-seven people ordered notebooks, stationery, notes and postcards from both designs.I even started collaborating with a small souvenir shop that sells my notebooks.
But two months later, I had to undergo complex orthopedic shoulder surgery that shut me down for a six-month recovery period. Just as I was going to go back to work, set up an online store and go back to normal, the war broke out. My inventory remains at home in the envelope and I can't make deliveries at the moment, but I really hope to get back to work and send my notebooks to customers in Israel and around the world.

My Story

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