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NoFear נשימות ואמבטיית קרח

When using the GiftCard you can get a 25% discount when purchasing a course for learning and practical breathing exercises:



NoFear Breathing and Ice Bath

The gift card can be transferred as a gift after purchase ❤️


NoFear Breathing and Ice Bath


Keep Israel Open does not take any profit from any transaction. Every dollar you spend goes straight to the people who really need it.

My name is Ofir, founder of, a certified Wim Hof Method instructor, conducting breathing workshops and ice baths for several years.
I believe in taking the body to certain extremes in order to learn how to cope with other extreme situations in life. Sudden extreme situations. Our breathing practices, along with ice exposure exercises, can change our immune system, focus, and energy levels. Familiarity with the respiratory system, learning about the sympathetic nervous system, and practicing activation, contraction, and relaxation of certain muscles in the body - all these are part of an inner work, the side effects of which are calm and tranquility. Something many people seek during difficult times in life.

My Story

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