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About Us

Hundreds of businesses were forced to close following the murderous attack in the Gaza envelope and southern communities. Many other businesses have encountered difficulties along Israel's northern border. These are our businesses: hundreds of diverse and thriving entities that have brought great pride to their owners and the communities

where they were established.

To pave the way for these businesses to resume operations, Wix started the website Buy South North. Our Team at Keep Israel open picked up this beautiful initiative and is taking it one step forward - opening this to an international audience. This platform allows businesses and shoppers to collaborate in rebuilding the communities and businesses affected by the events of October 7. Our venture looks forward to the coming days and months, outlining a personal and financial horizon for the people behind these businesses. During these days, when the spirit of civic giving inspires each of us, it's time to act and open our hearts.

The idea is simple: buy now from these businesses to provide a down payment and an incentive for their owners to rebuild their shops, restaurants, or studios. In return, you will receive a gift card for the products or services you choose, redeemable in the days following the rehabilitation of the conflict zones. 

Supporting businesses on the front lines

Buy a gift card today - redeem when businesses reopen

How it works

Choose a card

Buy a gift card from one of the businesses on this site. Keep it for yourself or send as a gift.

Pay now

Your payment will be sent directly to the business to help them get back on their feet.

Redeem later

Once the business reopens, get in touch with them to shop and redeem your gift card.

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