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I bought a gift card - when can I redeem it?

The goal of this initiative is helping businesses in Israel’s hot zones rebuild by adding to their immediate cash flow. Since some of those businesses are currently shut down, the timeline for redeeming the gift card will vary by business. Please get in touch with the business itself for more information. 

When will my gift card expire?

Gift cards bought on this site will be valid for 5 years.

How will I receive the products?

Please get in touch with each business to understand how you’ll be able to redeem your gift card.

I bought a gift card, but I don't want to redeem it.

Once you’ve paid for the gift card, the full amount will be forwarded to the business owners, to increase their cash flow and allow them to restart their businesses (if it was shut down). The decision whether or not to redeem this gift card is up to you, and depends on the business’ ability to start operating again. 

Can I get in touch with the business owners directly?

Yes, their contact information appears on their gift card page. 

What happens if the business won’t be able to provide the product or service before the gift card expires, or if the business shuts down permanently? 

When you purchase a gift card on this site, keep in mind that these small business owners were directly impacted by the war in Israel. This money will allow them to try rebuilding their businesses as quickly as possible. If they aren’t able to, you will not be able to get a refund for your gift card. If the gift card expires, you won’t be able to redeem it for products or services.

Business owners​

Which businesses can join this initiative?

We are accepting businesses that can show they have been tangibly impacted by the war. The products or services the business is selling must be legal. See the full terms & conditions in the site footer.

Can I sell gift cards if I can’t fulfil orders right now?

Yes. The gift card terms & conditions allow you to receive payment for the gift card immediately after purchase, and redeem it at some point in the future, when your business will be operating again.

How can I manage the list of future buyers? 

To see the list of gift cards sold and allow buyers to pay with their gift cards, click “Log in as a business”.

Do you need to verify my business before I can start selling gift cards?

Yes. Every business owner will need to create an account with the credit card company, who will also be verifying your information.

Is there a maximum amount for the gift cards?

​The maximum amount is 1,500 NIS per gift card.

I need to extend the validity of a gift card. How do I do that?

It’s not possible to extend the validity of the gift card through our website.

What are the fiscal, legal or tax implications of joining the initiative?

Every business owner is responsible for, and should independently confirm, the fiscal, legal, tax or any other implications that this initiative and selling gift cards through it could have on their business.

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